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It’s impossible to say anything without tests — at one time the appearance of AGP 8x interface brought absolutely nothing compared to AGP 4x. All is not completely lost however, as I was able to get the board running well enough to play around with the DualGFX feature though at a much slower than optimal configuration. There were no production motherboards on PT Pro in Moscow retail at the time this article was written, but this information can be trusted: Above you see me running Doom 3 in a window spanning the area between the two monitors. During our testing and general usage of the Biostar PT Pro-A7 Combo, we found the board’s stability to be very good at stock settings, although it delivered lower than expected results in the latest synthetic and game benchmarks. On the secondary video card, the game performance turned out to be much, much slower than on the primary.

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From the above image, you can see that I am running both Quake III and Doom 3 on the same system, in a windowed mode, on separate monitors. An AGP and PCIe X card running on the same system After the initial setup fhipset, which included having only one card installed, completing driver installation, removing the card and installing the other to install its drivers, and then placing them both in the system, it was all gravy.

RightMark Memory Analyzer 3.

Acer Predator Helios Review: Benchmark Results Page The low-level evaluation of performance is certainly interesting, but the results of tests in real applications are more important. The ability to push more bits through is not, by itself, the key to true high-definition audio, but it is a good start.


VIA PT880 Pro and PT894 Chipset Preview

Subscribe to HH News Alerts! The two cards are pretty cramped on this reference board As you can see here, the installation of the two video cards left very little room between them and may have eventually caused some heat issues in an enclosure. Jeff Kampman This is clearly a yield-maximizing move for 7 nm. Both pairs are approximately on a par in Doom 3 in all modes. Powerful, Affordable Workstation Graphics. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Unfortunately, due to having a slightly less mature motherboard than I would have liked, the performance was finicky and the stability was less than hospitable to be run through the gamut.

Origin PC Chronos Review: This turns out to be a very complicated issue when it comes to rendering performance. Interestingly, I also found by accident that the choice on your primary card can make a difference in the performance deltas you see between running games on both monitors or in spanning them.

Read on for the scoop on all of VIA’s new chipsets, plus performance test results for the enthusiast-oriented PT chipset. Lenovo Smart Display Review: Test Chipdet Page Pseudo random access latency in Chipsdt PT Pro is somewhere between the two Intel chipsets; iPE is again the leader; the difference between the contenders is not very large here. All products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This happened immediately when using 3DMark or 3DStudio Max; other applications ran for a while but crashed later.

VIA Arming the PCIe/AGP PT880 Pro Chipset For P4 Upgrade Business

Intel SSD p Review: However, notice that the PT north bridge offers one x16 link and a pair of x1 lanes for peripheral connectivity. Intel, Nvidia were Q4’s graphics chip winners. December 17, The reference motherboard is pretty huge, even though it does not have any additional hardware beyond the chipset features. When motherboards based on the chipset ship, they’ll include software to enable RAID configurations “on the fly,” or after an operating system has already been installed on a single drive.


Sometimes, the board would also refuse to reboot after we told Windows XP to restart; turning off the system solved this. Sounds great, but whenever we tried to enable it, the system would no longer boot.

A little practical joy — peaceful coexistence of two video card manufacturers in the system area of the task panel: Reviews News Blogs Shop. The north bridges share some common elements, including:.

VIA PT & PT Pro Chipset Preview | HotHardware

However, the VT should follow shortly and indeed, our reference samples both feature the updated south bridge. VIA knows full well that its principal competition is the same company that manufactures the Pentium 4.

Samsung shows off Infinity Flex foldable smartphone display. However, moving from the much slower AGP upstream bus to the wide open PCI Express downstream bus left a large portion of the data stranded across the two buses, slowing down the frame rates.