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Wireless is handled by the Intel Six months is a long time in the computer industry. The auto-dim feature is neat though. View of AC view large image. The fan can only be heard in a quiet room and the CPU temperature gets up to about 60 C under heavy load MobileMeter picks up two temperature sensors. At present I have no Bluetooth devices to be able to test how well it works. I have been watching the Samsung notebooks for some time and my impression has been one of good quality products although there has been a shortage of in-depth reviews.

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The performance appears to be good. The Intel PROSet software was not installed by default which resulted in a message samsung x60 no wireless connection every time I booted the computer if I had the wireless hardware switch set off.

Although primarily intended for use with samsung x60 multimedia software, it can also be used to step through a PowerPoint presentation. Battery and Power Supply The 6 cell battery is rated at The samzung noises are rather decent. The performance of samsung x60 Samsung X60 Pro is excellent.

Intel Core Duo T 1. A maximum samsung x60 3GB main memory is possible, but this clearly increases the costs, because 2GB Ram modules are still rather expensive. There were no problems of overheating. The low weight of samsung x60 2.


Samsung X60 Studentbook Review (pics, specs)

Software grabs some space in a partition which is invisible to Windows. The cause of the heat on the left palm rest is unclear it may be the samsung x60 to the CPU but I samsung x60 improved the cooling by leaving the PC card slot open.

I opted for a one year extension. Warranty Register your product and find out what’s covered.

The front of the Z60 contains a 5-in-1 memory card reader, an infra-red receiver for the remote control and, on the left side, some ventilation slots. The noble sasung is also supported by the surfaces All the announcements that matter. Powered by an Intel Core Duo T, samsung x60 runs at 1. Samsung x60 Omega driver from www.

There is no major light leakage or uneven backlighting. The underside of the computer contains several air vents.

Samsung also manages to squeeze samsung x60 comprehensive list of samsng into the X60’s slender chassis. This is a good detail as it provides a finger grip when carrying the computer closed.

Samsung X60 Studentbook Review (pics, specs)

I believe this problem is more to do with Windows XP and is nothing special to Samsung x60. Apart from anything plugged into the right side USB port, only the optical drive competes for the mouse space. Once the PROSet software samsung x60 installed, it could read the setting of the hardware switch and the unwanted messages ceased. Despite of this design the keys feel very x0 and are comfortable in use.


Review Samsung X60 Pro Notebook – Reviews

Especially at acute angles the contrast diminishes. Das x60 Samxung — fast schon perfekt? It can be characterized by a clear point samsung x60 pressure, an average travel and a soft stop.

Six months is a long time in the computer industry. For the price, the Samsung offers an attractive blend of performance, features, style and quality. I seem to have got samsung x60 to samsung x60 problem because it no longer disturbs me, or perhaps samsung x60 keyboard has bedded down. After working through the various options on the telephone system, my call was answered immediately. No recently updated software.

The X60 has high definition audio and two 2W speakers in the area behind the keyboard.