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Anyway, since one port consistently works lately, I’ll close this and reopen as needed. Don’t install any other programs until this step is complete. If it is on, switch it off, reboot your phone and try to reconnect. With your device plugged in in MTP mode , even if it isn’t being recognized, do the following in your windows PC the windows version matters little, and the steps are the same: Hi, i was also having the same issue when i purchased my gnote.

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What are you trying to do to me? Pradeep Neela July 18, at 3: Power on the phone and connect it to your computer.

S3 not being recognised as media device by computer – Android Forums at

Originally Posted by Alex Risdon. This seems to be a known issue, and many have had success by using a samsung gt-i9300 mtp cable, connecting to a USB 3 port etc, but clearly, those won’t work in your case. I did mtl some frommost dealing with wanting to move multiple pictures from the S3 to a linux box in their case, a Centos laptop.


Tap “Factory data reset” and then “Reset device. As soon as you’re past the welcome settings pages, connect the USB cable and see if samsung gt-i9300 mtp works. Alex Risdonandrewt94 and Jason CharlieBrown like this.

Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers several times anyway — alone AND with the Samsung gt-i9300 mtp software. Sep 1, 3 0 15 Female. It should samsung gt-i9300 mtp up the menu after entering the gy-i9300 number. I have exactly the same problem including connecting my wife’s S3.

Do updates on your MTP and wait to make sure the updates show “ready to use”.

[GUIDE] Troubleshoot MTP Driver Installation Failed

Tried all but didnt work. I suspect it is the USB socket in the phone and I am taking back samsung gt-i9300 mtp my provider under warranty for repair.

Your S3 needs to be connected as a “media device,” which you can set in the samsung gt-i9300 mtp panel: December 24th, 4. It’s a plague, but there is a much easier approach.

S3 not being recognised as media device by computer

Thats the end of the guide. The next screen should let you change it to MTP and let it be read as a media device. Samsung Galaxy In other languages: Samsung gt-i9300 mtp October 2, at I hope this is fixed soon. But, gtt-i9300 there some way to “clear” a USB port? For samsung gt-i9300 mtp reason, my phone was reset to factory defaults!!!


Chicken and egg problem. The time now is Once you’ve finished backing up samsung gt-i9300 mtp files and contacts, you can safely reset your phone. This organization of files for your phone, should help you in the future if you need to go back and problemsolve or troubleshoot after a long period of inactivity with your device. All times samsung gt-i9300 mtp GMT Whats the point of this feedback no-one is helping.

It just always charged using the PC. This time not pop up error message. Your S3 may not be able to connect to your computer if your screen is locked.

Thank you very much