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I could not use Bluetooth and best off all I could not ring out on it. I have tried unsuccesfully the tips listed below. K on 11th Feb sheesh can’t see why you guys are complaining? I’m on O2 pay as you go, and these are the settings that work for me are on the O2 setting in the web sessions menu Name: I would have given this phone 4 or 5 stars if it wasn’t for a problem that’s started to occur. Less than 4 inches 4 – 5 inches More than 5 inches.

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You’ll find yourself typing much faster than the letters appear so you’ll end up spending a lot of time correcting the typos. I have been told that I can change the phone to another but find all this very disappointing and unecesary.

Motorola V review | S21

Cannot take photos in bright areas. If u try a couple of times and it still hasnt worked then try the v settings. Give additional information so that other people can understand and answer your question: Repeat the above process but this time selecting the O2 network.

Good battery life – I only charge it every few days. I could only get one mp3 song on there if I was lucky. If you want a toy go buy one, want a serious phone then look elsewhere.

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Motorola V620 pictures

Motorolw likes this phone cause its easy to use and I love flip top phones. It’s been a real headache with 3 months of headbanging walls, I wish I’d forked out the extra 50 quid for the Nokia In addition, this black mobile phone provides the user with 5 MB storage space. This phone is totally unstable. The interior is almost identical to the V too.

Motorola V620 – Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

I am now back in the US but can’t seem to motoroal my carrier to help out with this phone because they say it isn’t available here as of yet. Reviewed by Nicky from England on 3rd Feb This phone is brilliant with the flash and video. I am in my 40’s so probably ancient compared to some of the posters here.

I love this fone,solid build notorola features,stable and has great standby and talktime time. The battery life when not heavily used still lasts 6 days. Even now on the fourth phone the Bluetooth still does not work.

I got this phone on o2 and am regretting it very much!!! As such there are a few motorila outlined below which I would like you to follow. Any help wpould be appreciated.

The phone itself is lovely, nice size and weight, with excellent ringtones and picture quality. Try the following to get MMS to work.


ISDN You will be able to access other wap pages if you have the addresses for them but still cannot get the mototola homepage!! This is a preview. It v6620 and acts like a flagship at half the cost.

The only good thing is that it was very loud motorolx had a good speaker phone otherwise don’t waste your money. Reviewed by jamie from UK on 11th Jun yis phone iz mi best phone yet, da intigrated camera givs u great Quality even with itz video.

Those two are the same. The Tarah from Jaybird are sport Bluetooth headphones that can handle your most intense workouts. Think I am gonna ditch this piece of junk. When it’s a lot older, the low battery keeps very long and that’s because can’t get full charged due higher and higher internal resistans as the number of charges gets more and more.

The Motorola V replaces the Motorola V, and is one of a number of clamshells announced at mmotorola same time. I love this phone cause its easy to use especially easy to use if your an older individual.