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Extension base 4th stage Hardware fault of module loaded on motion CPU base unit or extension base unit. Design the machine so that personal safety can be ensured even if the machine restarts suddenly. Positioning to the next point 2 begins through the above steps. Thus, an error correspondence interlock program specified in the instruction manual must be used. The smoothing processing is executed by the clutch setting. Perform reset with the key.

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Do not change the applicable device before setting to device and start completion. When performing wiring work or inspections, turn the power OFF, wait at least ten minutes, and then check the voltage with a tester, etc. However, since the cam shaft operation continues, execute the error m55120 by user side.

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When not using the module for a long time, disconnect the power line from the Motion controller or servo amplifier. If a dangerous state is predicted in case of m1520 power failure or product failure, use a servomotor with magnetic brakes or install a brake mechanism externally.

Remove an error factor, and turn the power supply on again or reset the Multiple CPU system. Status signal This flag turns on while a speed change request to speed “0” or negative speed change is being accepted.

These are errors detected by the servo amplifier or servo power supply module.


Designate 0 to 7FFFH points in the cam table. Do not touch the lead sections such as ICs or the connector contacts. Invalid It can be used as an user device.

Current value change program of the virtual m5102 When 1 axis feed current value of the virtual servomotor is changed to PLS. When a major output module error occurs, that system’s clutch will be switched OFF and all connected output modules will stop. Install a cover on the shaft so that the rotary parts of the servomotor are not touched during operation.

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Status signal a This signal turns on mode when a discrepancy of synchronized positions between the drive module and output module occurs during the virtual mode. Speed is changed to the specified speed from the pass point of the constant speed control. Cannot be set 7. Decelerated to stop when speed mm5120 “0” is accepted. Control changes are not possible for the output module.

When transporting the servomotor, never hold the cabled, shaft or encoder. Reconfirm the connections for mistakes and the terminal screws for tightness after wiring. In any case, it is important to follow the directions for usage.

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Gain changing invalid Normal gain The servo amplifier version and software version of servo amplifier which can be used the gain changing function are shown below. Address travel 1 The address is outside the value setting error setting range at the positioning Except the speed start for absolute data method. CAUTION This product is not designed or manufactured to be used in sa-d777 or systems in situations that can affect or endanger human life.

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A deceleration to stop occurs in accordance with the parameter block’s “stop deceleration time” setting. If the error reoccurs after resetting, the relevant module or the relevant slot base unit is probably faulty: Onerous Repair Term after Discontinuation of Production Mitsubishi shall accept onerous product repairs for seven years after production of the product is discontinued.

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Do not stack products past the limit. The command in-position range is not checked during speed control and JOG operation. However, in the home position return method of proximity dog, count, dog cradle or limit switch combined type, this signal turns off once at the home position return in real mode start and turns on again at the xs-d777 zero point passage.

Operation of the synchronous as-d7777 and clutch corresponds. Unused axis of cam axis command signal can be used as an user device. Place the Motion controller and servo amplifier in static electricity preventing vinyl bags and store.

Command signal This command is used to execute the servo OFF state free run state.