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When you want to fast roaming to the network nearby without intercepting the wireless connection especially the adapter is applied to the multimedia application or a voice call, you can enable this function. In the list of available profiles, click the profile that you want to enable. The installation program will help you to setup the Wireless LAN utility. How to use your router’s parental controls How to use your router’s parental controls by Molly Price. Wireless Mode AP support wireless mode. Reset Counter Click the button to reset counters to zero. When the Windows wizard is complete, you will now have a new icon in your system tray.

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An integrated wired and wireless LAN is called an Infrastructure configuration. Follow the install wizard instructions to complete the installation. Lists the technical general, physical and environmental specifications of the 11g Wireless USB Adapter. LevelOne WUA – network adapter. Otherwise, type in the SSID of the desired wireless levsl.

Networking Interface Bus Type. The box should contain the following items: The available options are: It is a precursor to the upcoming IEEE It may support Throughout It displays transmits and receive throughput in unit of Mbps. Open – Broadcast signals are not encrypted. Ad hoc – for small peer-to-peer networks with other wireless devices Infrastructure -for a wireless extension to an existing wired LAN through an access point Network Topologies Ad Hoc Wireless LAN Wuq0315 ad hoc wireless LAN consists of a group of computers, each equipped with a wireless adapter, connected via radio signals as an independent wireless LAN.


Wua035 larger TCP Window the better performance.

Page 39 The infrastructure configuration not only extends the accessibility of wireless PCs to the wired LAN, but also increases the effective wireless transmission range for wireless PCs by passing their signal through one or more access points. Advanced Click Advanced tab of the utility, you can configure the detailed settings in this page.

Wua Driver – programmes-info

Progress Bar Display rate of progress from Start to Connected status. Easy-to-use utilities are bundled with Wireless LAN Adapter for configuration, monitoring, and diagnosis purposes.

Statistics Click Statistics tab of the utility, the page will display the qua0315 and received results. To delete a profile 1. Rescan Click this button to rescan for all Wireless networks.

Network Type Select the desired option: It shows the information of Link Status Section. This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.

LevelOne WUA-0315 User Manual

Duplicate Frames Received Click the button to reset counters to zero. Disconnect Click this to stop WPS action and disconnect this active link. It is a precursor to the upcoming IEEE Page 17 When the icon in the toolbar represents in full blue color then the signal strength has an excellent performance with the AP, if it represents in half blue color then the signal strength has a fair perfor- mance with the AP, and if the icon represents in low blue, then the signal strength has a worst performance with the wireless station.


Data is encrypted using a Bit key derived from this key.

Rescan Click this button to update information on surrounding wireless network. Resource Duplicate Frames Received Frames received more than twice.

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Video Games by Lori Grunin 10 days ago. Shared – Broadcast signals are encrypted using WEP. A wireless infrastructure can be used for access to a central database, or for connection be- tween mobile workers, as shown in the following figure. Reset Counter Click the button to wua315 counters to zero.