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Selecting the Destination3Input the file name for the scan data. User mail addressEnter the user ID with the ten-key on the control panel. All these functions are password protected. E-Mail Notification ConfigurationThis sets a function for notifying the machine status, errors, etc. III ScannerThis section explains operating methods forscanning with the copier. Operation Support InformationThis sets operation support information. Selecting the DestinationThis is the item title.

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Scanning DocumentsChecking settingsThis checks a list of the set functions.

Use [] and [] to switch screens. The default password for Web Utilities is “keyoperator password”To access the AppleTalk Configuration page, follow these steps: The factory default is [TIFF].

Supported Document FormatThis sets the types konicx documents supported.

Konica Minolta Bizhub 7222 Copier Printer With Super G3 Fax

This device can hold up to 4, sheets which is perfect for offices that do a lot of printing. The Network Status page opens. The default value of [0. 7222 for Setting Network from Control Panel The filename extension [. For details on the procedure for resetting, refer to [ Thank you for subscribing to the mailing list.


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E-mail subject is commonly used with the Internet fax function. Selecting the Destination9Touch [Condition] key. I OutlineChapter 2 Before UseThis chapter explains the names of the buttons on the copier’s control panel and their functions, the contents of the LCD screen display, and the kohica. Manual CompositionThis manual is konida of the following five 5 volumes. List Print] Page Device Setup] key on the [Network setting] screen.

Registering DestinationsE-Mail list screen1Use the [], [] and [], [] keys and select the address. Advance to section [ Should you wish to disable NetWare, deselect the option box. User’s Guide Copier This manual explains the operation of copy functions.

Konica Toner Cartridge – 30, Pages – QuikShip Toner

Input the FTP server address, login password,etc. This displays buttons on the controlpanel. Selecting the DestinationThis is the item title.

The Reset page opens. Printer Manufacturer1Touch the [Printer Manufacture] key.

Konica Minolta Paper Pickup Tire. The default settings selected here can kobica changed by the user when using the LDAP search function. To enable NetWare, follow these steps: Printer NumberThis sets the Printer Number.


Touch the kkonica or [] key to switch to the input character type screen. This inputs the destination name displayed in the destination list. Should you wish to disable SMTP, deselect the option box. Network InformationTo access the Network Status page, follow these steps: Up to destinations can be selected at the same time. In the next step, you must remove the protective cap from the new toner cartridge, and then align the new cartridge with the slot so that the arrow stamped on the new component is aligned with the mark on the slot.