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Access the link below to obtain more background information on Microsoft Virtual PC mode: This condition can occur if CED is not properly shut down. Clone Display Configuration A type of display configuration that drives two display devices, each displaying the same content, but can have different resolutions and independent timings. Privileged User Receive Basic User benefits, plus access to locked assets including: You will receive a reply within 2 business days. OpenGL on supported 2. Manually copy the wmvdmod.

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Rendering The process of generating an image from a model by means of computer programs.

Alpha Blending A method for merging a smaller picture or alphanumeric set of characters into a larger picture in such a fashion so that you can still see the original imtel i. Secondary overlay support via any interface is also supported for Clone or Dual Independent Display Extended mode configurations.

When installing or re-installing the graphics driver, switch off the extended display mode. However some functions may not be multi-thread capable.

Intel® Embedded Graphics Drivers (IEGD)

The GFX firmware component with the highest version number will be chosen and this algorithm is subject to change. PAVP does the video decoding in the chipset to reduce processor load.


Please switch off the compatibility mode from Tools Menu. A feature that allows you to have different sized displays in Clone mode.

Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (Intel® EMGD)

Regarding dual display configurations: Twin configuration is not supported on US15W series chipsets. DisplayPort currently supports a maximum of IEGD supports the following Windows operating systems: PAVP protects the data path within a computer during video playback e.

The same restrictions apply when using a Vhipset Head configuration.

DRM Digital Rights Management, a generic term that refers to access control technologies to limit usage of digital media or devices. Review User Guide for additional details. Separate areas of the virtual frame buffer map to each of the independent display frame buffers. The sDVO port must be properly configured prior to installation of the driver. This occurs so long as chipset hardware supports necessary pixel rate for desired resolution.

This roadmap is available by contacting your Intel representative. Monitors and scanners are based on the “additive” color system using RGB, starting with black and then adding Red, Green, and Blue to achieve color.

Hardware accelerated video-to-video memory GDI-Alphablending support added. X Some of the features may not work nitel in IE compatibility view. However, a technical solution may not be possible.


Based on your settings, LVDS display can be either primary display or secondary. VExt is a dual display configuration under Windows CE only. Refer to Datasheet for thermal solution requirements. EDID stands for Extended Display Information Data, one of the VESA body of standards that allow for a display or monitor to provide information back to the driver for proper display resolution, mode setup, and configuration.

See also the Glossary term Xinerama. This manual provides information on both firmware and software, providing hardware design considerations, installation requirements, and static configuration options. Note that there can be only one instance of vBIOS in the platform. Use commercially available media analyzers to get the bit rate and codec information. Most have this capability. It is supported by newer chipsets e. Clear queue Compare 0.