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This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Personally, I do not get into Torrents as they are generally used for the types of things I rarely download, and the speed can be atrocious if it is not a popular file. When you see a download you want, just send a link in an email instead of having to remember to do it later when you are at your real computer. I’m still hopeful that tech support or anyone at the company will get back to me but I’m not optimistic. Below are my own implemented features and some additional ideas to get you started on your own NAS.

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I definitely want to make sure I never lose this invaluable set of tools after seeing how well they work. The automation capabilities of OS X are very powerful, kntech I will put these to use to make my Cube do all manner of menial labor.

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Network Attached Storage Cube [originally submitted to the MacMod contest in ] Those who are familiar with my modding career know that I have 3 fetishes when it comes to modding. Overview User Reviews Specs. On the other hand, I am often downloading ISO files of Linux distros, trial versions of software, and free or open source software, all of itnech can be pretty large at times.

Here I am connected to it from another machine looking at the Download folder. Get the content of the wta body and set that as the URL for downloading Tell Safari to open the URL, which causes Safari to beginng downloading to the downloads folder I have specified in the settings You can see the specifics of this process in the script itself.


I created a folder called “Downloads” on the iNAS partition where all the intevh will be stored.

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Click here to review our site terms of use. Most drives ship with the jumper in Cable Select mode.

This has a several minute delay, intecb saves me the cost of a static IP and the headache of dealing with Dynamic DNS services. Those who are familiar with my modding career know that I have 3 fetishes when it comes to modding.

Click above images for larger versions. Again, this can be verified before mailing the URL. With the Cube set up the way it is, there is 1 avaliable USB port. Remember that I was already using this machine as a NAS, so this tutorial is not about setting up every detail from scratch, but rather taking an existing install and cloning it over to a new large drive and then taking advantage of the additional size using the Intech software.

I went to Intech to get a “free update for life”. Print Server This is another feature I do not need, but I get a lot of help requests from people wanting to share a printer on their network.

Network Attached Storage Cube

It has several aat. So, you could easily install a printer then go into the Sharing section of System Preferences and enable Printer Sharing. The only additional software requirement was a VNC server so that it would be possible to access the desktop over the network since this runs headless. To remove the drive, there are 3 hex screws on the side that are mounted through the heatsink.

At first, I was disappointed because I had hoped to have one large contiguous chunk of storage space so I could avoid having to manage free space – which was causing me to procrastinate in doing my backups. This would bring a tear to Steve Jobs’ eyes. The Cube makes a nice decorative addition to an office, as well as keeping noise pollution to an absolute minimum since there are no fans to cool it.


Perhaps it can serve an additional purpose of inspiring me to clean up. This same project could also be done with a Mac mini and a MiniStack, or even a full-blown desktop PowerMac if you do not mind the noise and additional wasted space.

I tried to email — dead link. Just be aware that this works best if your iTunes Library is in the mp3 format especially if accessing it suppott a Wii. The only thing left to do is remove the guide rail from the other side of the drive. The rules say 5 images of the final product, but noone wants to see 5 pics of a standard Cube. Drive Partitioning To partition the drive, I installed it into the miniStack case that I have and hooked it up via firewire to the Cube. To get to the innards, you just flip it over, push in the release handle, then pull up on it to remove the frame from the shell.

Again, this is a headless server, so running SMARTReporter will be pointless if it is unable to send an email when there are problems.

Obviously, accessing your network requires that you have already configured a DMZ Host or Port Forwarding in your home router. I actually tried a more elaborate script and folder structure that used curl, but after several hours of troubleshooting, I gave up and took this approach with Safari.