A SCSI differential terminator is included with each cable. With an independent loader motor coupled with the positive pin retention, the tape threads with a higher level of reliability. This external stand-alone or rack-mountable unit is the entry point for the family of LTO Ultrium tape products. A list of compatible software is available from your IBM representative or at: This change helps prevent having to rewrite datasets containing customer data and the first filemark in cases if such an append occurs. We are service you 7×24 online.

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Additional copies are available.

A SCSI differential terminator is included with each tape drive. Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates. This tape drive is supported in IBM tape libraries, or frames that support stand-alone installations.

Robust drive components optimized for automation environments – Drive designed using some of the most robust components available, such as: Custom Bundle see all. Additional data and cleaner cartridges are optional and need to be ordered, as needed.

IBM TotalStorage 3588 Tape Drive provides an Ultrium 3 Tape Drive for the 3584 Tape Library

External Tape Drive Filter Applied. Tivoli Ibbm Manager and other compatible software offerings provide storage and tape management software for the A next-generation tape drive, IBM TS incorporates a ibm ultrium iii tape drive drive mechanism in a compact external chassis to enable reliable, economical high-capacity data backups, storing as much as 30 TB per LTO Ultrium 8 cartridge.


Adaptive read equalization – dtive compensates for dynamic changes in readback signal response caused by cartridge interchange and head wear.

Highly integrated electronics using IBM engineered copper technology – designed to provide for a more reliable drive.

IBM TotalStorage Tape Drive Model L33 incorporates IBM LTO Ultrium 3 tape drive technology

The generation 3 drive electronics also incorporate on-the-fly error correction of soft errors ibm ultrium iii tape drive the memory arrays in data and control paths. Tape drives are further tested and at least one or both of the following, manufacturer software test and Back Up Exec.

The item is under warranty duration. We appreciate your understanding.

All media and cleaner cartridges are warranted separately tapd the Ultrium Tape Drive Delivering performance and capacity for midrange to high-end storage. Product life cycle dates.

One Initial order only: TS also offers high- performance, flexible data storage with built-in data encryption capabilities.

Call us at Priority code: This results iii less tape damage especially to the edges of the tape and tape debris, which comes from the damaged edges and can accumulate in the head area. Two Initial order ibm ultrium iii tape drive Graceful dynamic breaking – In the event of power failure, reel motors are designed to maintain tension and gradually decelerate instead of stopping abruptly, helping reduce tape breakage, stretching, or loose tape wraps during a sudden power-down.


The tape cartridge capacity is up to GB native physical capacity GB with 2: The power cord features are used in the country listed and other countries. The power cord shipped with the is determined by the Country Code. A power cord feature number, if applicable, should also be specified.

IBM LTO-3 External Tape Drives Cartridge Drives for sale | eBay

The LTO-CM is used to hold information about that specific cartridge, the ibm ultrium iii tape drive in the cartridge, and the data on the media. Features and can be ordered only with the initial order. A list of compatible software is available from your IBM representative or ibm ultrium iii tape drive The tape is an advanced metal particle tape. Separate writing of multiple filemarks – Separate writing of multiple filemarks is designed to cause any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set to be written containing all filemarks after the first.

Power tapee hours less than 6.