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Press the buttons in the sequence indicated by arrows. Page 82 3 Copy If the finisher is installed, each set of copies can be stapled and then output. Black The machine makes copies in black and white regardless of the colors in the original document. Trouble during Printing Trouble during Printing This section describes how to solve print problems. This is valid when [Background Suppression] is set to [Auto Suppression].

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Broadcast There are three Relay Broadcast Send methods. For more information, contact our Customer Support Center. Follow the procedures on the following pages when copies are not stapled or staples are bent.

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Page 93 Output Format A page number is added. You can specify text from 8 preset text or the text set in the System Administration mode. Page Common Settings Refer to the following table for the combinations of sizes that can be detected docuxentre-ii. See data plate on d4300 rear panel for the rated ampere and voltage of this equipment.

When a parallel interface The bi-directional communication is set to cable is used to connect “Enabled” Return the docucentee-ii stick to the rear face docucentrei-i the front cover. Print Driver In order to print from your computer, a print driver must be installed on the computer. The F code transmission is used. How to Determine Paper Size If the operation panel settings are as follows, the paper size is determined as below.


Authentication And Auditron Administration 13 Authentication and Auditron Administration The machine has the Authentication feature that allows you to restrict the use of features and the Auditron Administration feature that allows you to keep track of how often each feature was used.

The staple cartridge rises up and becomes removable. This number may vary depending on the paper size, paper orientation, the number of the continuous printings, and the machine usage environment. With this hidden text feature, the specified text is embedded in the entire sheet.

DocuCentre-II C4300 Drivers & Downloads

docucetnre-ii Staple Position When the finisher is installed, [Staple Position] is displayed. For information about other advanced settings, refer to “Watermark” P. Using Manual Xf 4 Fax Using Manual Receive If the fax reception mode is set to the Manual Receive when the machine rings pss notify of an incoming call, pick up the receiver of the external telephone or select [On-hook] on the screen that appears. Up to 40 stored programs can be registered in the machine.

In the event of a current leakage, the breaker will automatically cut off Reset button the power circuit to prevent any Test button leakage or fire from occurring. Page 2 The data saved in the hard disk of the machine may be lost if there is any problem in the hard disk.


Cause The network between the computer and machine is abnormal. The number of print pages is counted for each of color and monochrome. Page Fax Mode Settings If the other party is a telephone, within the set number of rings you can use an external telephone to answer the call.

According to the setting combination, the received document is printed as follows. Trouble during Copying The copy is misaligned or Cause The document is not loaded correctly. The items displayed include the date and time, error code, and error category.

No stamp is added. Page 11 Job Status Select the document to be printed or deleted.

Operations during Faxing Changing the Scan Settings You can change the scan settings while scanning the document. Times New Bold Italic 1: Enter [Hours] and [Minutes]. Details Displays detailed information on the selected recipient. Line End Shape 0 Default: Can be set in steps of 0.