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This topic only concerns suggestions and questions for the FAQ. Is anyone getting a error doing anything in FM9? And here’s the problem: Request a quote for custom training. When this problem arises, I move the bookmarks to where they should go. Wed, 16 Jul

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Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes you can’t scroll in the frames; for example, the marker and variable lists occasionally will not allow you to browse through them with the scroll wheel.

I then have to move the file and then in a seperate movement, re-dock.

Scroll wheel on my mouse won’t work in FrameMak | Adobe Community

For example, when you have ten tabs mousf, they should squeeze down to a whesl size and no longer display the entire title of the document.

A quote from Dov Isaacs on the subject from the Frameusers list: But even if you scroll up and down, it will stay an arrow. Hypertext seems to work fime in my TOC. This inhibits the use of this application, which is supposed to be the industry standard for technical writing and creating large documents.


And unfortunately, FrameMaker 10 does compel.

My first hiearchical book in FM The parent book has two child books and a generated TOC. Fri, 13 Apr Also be very clear on what you are doing to get that error step by step will be great. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not mouze published. Adding the Trademark symbol to a document. Top-rated books on FrameMaker. Seems like it’s a broad enough request that it could stand a thread of its own. I want to framrmaker the trademark symbol TM in my document.

And here’s the problem: The marker box’s “Edit Marker” button always looks greyed out and inaccessible, even when it isn’t. Additional info from the Frameusers list: I use the paragraph designer every few minutes, table designer every few hours, and character designer every few days.

If you click in the FrameMaker document say you want to type while a docked window is open, the docked window will also automatically retract–a bugger if you still wanted to use it. After trying a demo of FrameMaker 10, we decided not to purchase it. On a side note, there is also a slight loadup lag when you click each button. September 15th, Author: Someday we will be able to tell our children that all we had was black and white FrameMaker.


Mouse wheel scrolling in FrameMaker 8

Usually, it’s the “FrameMaker 11 has stopped working” crash. However, no matter what number I set, the default zoom level is never set to what I want. The Basic and Font buttons are slowest to load, but the hang wheep there for all of them. I expect at least as much functionality as I can get from an internet browser.

Using the Mouse Scroll Wheel with FrameMaker

But I have uninstalled the pre-release version long ago. And while I’m asking, I don’t suppose there’s a handy F-key that accesses variables the way F8 and F9 access character and paragraph styles? You can not post a blank message.

I added it to the Reference page in the Character Macros table like they said in the Adobe help file.