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Vox, Selmer, Yamaha and Leslie amplifiers. However, it did seem that sometimes the setting would save randomly, but other times not. Swap in audio has only one use What is the difference Is there a difference? Just some base stuff so far.

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I also noticed that every configuration I set is lost after a power cycle.


Changing my ens so it was lower irq than my ice got rid of problems for me Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Based on what you have all learned, if I were to buy the Scarlett 18i8, what would I need to do to get it working? Mixer seems to be working. Hi all, I am a scarlett 18i20 owner, it works out of the box on my xubuntu I want to actually try using the 18i6 for recording instead of just hacking the driver….

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Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 – reliable?

Hope this helps someone out there. Put volume sliders up and select Mix A out for master 4 or 5.

Dave, do you know something about this possibility? This would allow you to monitor the results of your recording.

Preform the actual patch patch -p1 -i Configure and setup the kernel build. In reply to this post by Ben Bell. Not this card though, got a Roland FA which works good but gives a bit much latency, and a Presonus firestudio project which I use mostly live.


Let us know how you get on! For the 18i8 this code it is not commented. After ssffire the above installation, you need to install Ardour which is the default digital audio workstation for Linux.

Avoid revised Focusrite Saffire Pro40 |

Thanks to Tobias Hoffman, Robin Gocusrite, Chris Arges, Takashi Iwai, and whoever else put time and effort into getting this to work and getting it into the mainline kernel. I am not sure what the correct behaviour is for touching the speed dial CC 82but clicking it CC 81 works fine.

In other words I would put irq 21 at 85, 20 at 80 and 18 at Try plugging it in and running:. Szffire Andre, I started by updating firmware and setting up the mix on a windows box.

I did not have a lot of time for this.

I can see the card in proc and it is visible in Pulse configuration but it shows shaded with error message that the driver is either not loaded or not working.

Input selection for the matrices. You may have a hard drive you use for recording on USB This safffire be really cool Ardour, Bitwig under Linux etc.


P — Len Ovens www. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Change into the linux directory and try a dry run of saffie patch cd linux-source It should have basic functionality, I can listen to youtube videos etc. You need to write 0xa5 to memory address 0x5a — this magic value will instruct the unit to save its settings!

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 in Ubuntu Installation Guide

The other, simpler, solution would be to safifre Windows in a virtual machine to do an initial useful setup of the device and then just use it without tweaking the settings.

If it fails you can insert the patched code by hand in C. So the irq order was specific to my old P4. Green marks are installed packages; they are required for any Firewire audio interface to work.