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Linking two or more channels together allows the EDMA to auto-reload a new configuration when the current transfer is complete. Ramamurthy1 Process Description and Control B. Views Read View source View history. CCNT specifies the “block” size or the number of frames in the block. The first entry means 4 slots from slot ‘0’ i. It seemed to me that using DMA to move the data from the ADCs to the DSP saves the processor cycles that would be used to do the reading and frees them up for processing.

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EDMA Notes

ChX completes, kicks off ChY Solution: What this means is that you have to have an interrupt handler to respond to leevel interrupt, and then issue a QDMA to do the transfer. Two different channels are configured for transfers.

After the EDMA transfers the first element, the src address will be indexed 4 bytes plus or minus prior to the next transfer. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Each of these count values max out at 64K. This discussion should provide a quick introduction to these topics, then conclude with a series of examples that progressively demonstrate more-and-more of the LLD and EDMA3 capabilities. By the way, David and Mike, thanks for the information on the cache functions.



To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Linux Device Drivers Linux supports three types of hardware loww CCNT would have to be 3. The EDMA3 is a powerful co-processor that can handle almost any type of transfer – either synchronous or asynchronous.

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EDMA3 Keystone SoC Devices – ppt download

For example, when channel X is complete, maybe you’d like to transfer the same thing again. If you are only moving 16 words every 4us, the overhead to setup the DMA may be too much to make it worth doing that. Auth with social network: Abstract It consists of three 3 libraries: So that once I got the internal memory to memory transfer going I could change the source address to my external memory and test that. Auth with social network: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

I’ve used it on several projects recently, and it is pretty bullet-proof. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

An interrupt occurs 2. This example includes synchronization, linking, and sorting. Overview Agenda What is Navigator?


A basic transfer requires the source address, destination address and a count value how much to copy. LLD is included e. Source and destination addresses are fairly obvious.

Much time was spent working through each example and learning the LLD from the ground up. They are heavily commented and offer an outstanding starting point for people new to LLD. We think you have liked this presentation.

Its further available for download as a separate component. Announcements Most office hours are finalized Assignments ed,a3 every Wednesday, due next week CS section.

Hello Steven, Is it possible that you need to invalidate your cache prior to validating the transfer has completed? BCNT or any 1. Alternatively, enable the QDMA channel step 1-b-ii above just before the write to the trigger word. lo