Write a user review. Yes, my password is: You can also use it for hard rock rhythm parts if you set the gain setting to max. TyPierce , Jan 8, The edition of sounds by turning knobs, and each setting plays its role.

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Which is better – BD-2 or Screaming Blues?

Couraging in surface components. What amp are you using? Also a potential way for someone to try out the BD-2 thing for themselves and save 30 bucks in the process This OD pedal is pretty much useless.

The sound is full of nuances and details, it’s really stunning. It’s a digital device so it doesn’t add noise to the signal. I liked the pedal. I have no idea.

Digitech Screamin Blues or Boss Blues Driver? – Ultimate Guitar

Jan 8, 9. It is in completely different range than Tubescreamer and its clones. The noise level is extremely low like on both other pedals. I should have bought the Bad monkey instead.


I think getting into the range and stay at Washburn, ts really good stuff!! Jan 8, 8. My Keeley BD2 is my favorite pedal that I own. I Have played bass for 6 years and Guitar for 4, Have been in a few bands.

Jan 10, Oct 17, 3. And if you do, it has way more treble available, which works nicely with its overdrive character to kick an amp into high-gear. Great pedal digitch adding a little bit of dirt or a whole lot of Love to your signal.

Again, I’m basing this on memory of some years back but also when my hearing was better too. Besides its really well-typed blues pedal, it allows me to increase the volume input of the amp, and make better digitfch of my TSA.

User reviews: DigiTech Screaming Blues – Audiofanzine

I actually had to look in the instruction booklet to figure out how to install the battery. DiagorasJun 30, The pedal works great out front of an amp, and definitely do use an amp.


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dlgitech Maybe the Digitech version will be a better bet. This Screamin Blues is the easiest to set, it’ll give you a killer blues sound within two seconds.

It cleans up really well or you can vss it come really close to a fuzz face when you turn up the gain. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It’s not quite as punchy, and the sustain isn’t as much as I am used to.

A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out.