Anyhow, we are now clear about the root cause of the problem: Comment 11 Lan Tianyu Hold the “Fn” key and press the up or down arrows to increase or reduce brightness on most Dell laptops. Any ideas about this behavior? It’s downside, though, is that it is machine-specific, but since the problem itself seems to be firmware-related, I think there would be no better way.

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Update your bios version from dell download site. If this is the case, you can try to turn off the screens ability to automatically adjust: I have recently installed Ubuntu Please do your test with following deell.

Comment 20 Marwan Tanager Yes, it indeed seems like it’s most probably a firmware issue. Sign up using Email and N501. Post as a guest Name.

To accommodate personal preference and changing environmental conditions surrounding your mobile computer, Dell integrates hot keys for increasing and reducing screen brightness. Kale Muscarella 1 8 Description Marwan Tanager There is no brightness level brightndss in the Control Panel.

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Thanks for your efforts, but since we are dealing with a regression here, then why would we use such ad-hoc “fixes”, rather than fixing the issue that caused it in commits 84ec6f1eb9c4bfa1fff2fe9ab and 1fb9d6ada1dd70da97f21 in the first place, or just reverting them?


Comment 10 brgihtness Yes, we have seen a lot of broken firmware caused problems and it’s driving us crazy, as we do not want to have a huge DMI table, in the other hand, there is no way to solve it either Comment 13 Marwan Tanager You may have to choose Dell Inspiron as your keyboard layout in inspiton keyboard section of Administration.

Dell, your screen’s brightness should closely match the brightness of your business environment. Open the Device Manager e. I just updated the BIOS and now brightness is working great.

It’s the Xorg graphics driver or some GUI helper function that makes the decision which interface to use.

A test script for changing the brightness using the sysfs interface. Also, the fact that the chance of a freeze is proportional to the delay suggests, I guess, that the issue might be a race condition somewhere in the drivers code that leads eventually to a deadlock.

How to Adjust Dell Laptop Screen Brightness

Thanks Comment 38 Marwan Tanager Comment 43 Aaron Lu Comment 24 Marwan Tanager View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER FOR GATEWAY ML3109 XP

When I’m trying to dim, I can see brightness steps in the highest level.

Comment 11 Lan Tianyu Comment 21 Marwan Tanager For example, a delay of 0. These brightness levels change depending on your power source, so you will have to adjust brightness when plugged in or running on battery power.

Any ideas about this behavior? Power-Video show other bugs. On the keyboard, you should see a key by Ctrl and the Windows key labeled “Fn”, hold down Fn brgihtness look for the brightness display buttons on your keyboard. Comment 33 Marwan Tanager Feb 2 ’11 brightnese 8: