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Without fail, the 3D would also switch itself off partway through. The Bad Not great when used as a PC monitor. Passive 3D is much kinder on the eyes than active. Visit manufacturer site for details. LG hasn’t included an up button, though, which means if you accidentally miss a menu item, you’ll have to cycle through the whole lot to get back to where you intended to be. Even that didn’t quite work out as planned , with 3D slowly making its way to being just another check box on the features list. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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While 3D is certainly the marquee feature on the box, we want to see if it stacks up as a standard monitor as well. Despite having a specific profile for Metrothe game was incorrectly rendered to the point of only showing white light sources.

LG DP-PN Owner’s Manual – Page 1 of 26 |

Key Features 25″ Screen x Resolution Details d22542p on product images may vary by region, country, or model. Even in the sweet spot, ghosting is often present. Passive 3D is much kinder on the eyes than active. The Bad Not great when used as a PC monitor. Halo Anniversary’s environments generally gained a little extra depth, but characters sadly looked like cardboard cut-outs existing on different planes, and jaggies were more obvious.

Google’s larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android experience. The glossiness of the lenses also means any light sources behind you will reflect in them — an unwelcome distraction when your ocular focus is already being manipulated.


Its TriDef 3D portal is a media centre-style application, allowing playback of movies and viewing of images. It also wobbles worryingly when touched, and the base can only be attached if you have a screwdriver or coin — there’s no hands-free method as has been found on every other monitor we’ve seen.

Warranty Information View manufacturer warranty information.

Using the LG as a straight monitor is a little off-putting due to obvious horizontal d2542o in the display. There are “warm”, “medium” and “cool” colour presets, but as always, we recommend you stick to “user” to get the most out of your display.

Any attempt to reinitialise during the game would cause a crash. In this case, it’s not a bad thing. You can export your profile, but it’s not human readable in any way — the end user is completely denied manual editing.

To properly experience our LG.

LG D2542P-PN

Chat Online with LG Support. There’s also a “3D Color Effect”, which dramatically over-sharpens for PC use, and can thankfully be turned off.

Continue ph next page 01 This is the price you pay for 3D — sit back over a metre or so, and it becomes unnoticeable.

Native 3D content from the Xbox or PlayStation 3 doesn’t need any intervention from the user, although the monitor r2542p allow you to flip the left and right fields, or convert 3D imagery back to 2D. It’s worth noting that the scaling in the LG is awful and very blurry, causing significant degradation of image quality. Good 3D isn’t all about the glasses, however — it’s a combination of painstaking work with the source material, and the technology used to realise that work.


LG Cinema 3D DP-PN review: LG Cinema 3D DP-PN – CNET

Game performance was also dramatically impacted, average frame rates at x dropping from 35 frames per second on our test machine to 13 frames per second. The Good Fantastic black levels. Get ready for Cinema 3D entertainment in the comfort of your home. As a result you get a huge variety of quality, from images that have out-of-whack depth, to movies that throw things out of the screen at you and have their separate elements appear as if they’re floating on separate 2D planes, to something more subtle and enjoyable like the efforts made in Avatar or Monsters vs.

Sadly, you can’t create your own profiles within the app, you need to tweak within the game itself and the profile is saved automatically. This means adjustments can be made quickly and easily in the dark as well as light. To the test lab! Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Despite the huge marketing push, 3D has never appealed to us. The optimal point for 3D viewing on the LG is around a metre away from the monitor, and it can only afford a small range of movement before things move out of alignment.

The game launcher is a bit more complex.